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A thermal energy audit is an inexpensive and nonintrusive way to identify energy-saving improvements to your home or business that will reduce your monthly energy bills. Energy prices continue to rise and we understand the extra burden paying high utility bills puts on your budget. High energy related bills are often caused by poor insulation or unwanted air leaks. Often after locating and identifying the problems, fixing them is simple and affordable, putting you back in control of your energy costs.

The latest thermal imaging technology identifies weaknesses not visible to the human eye, such as hot air escaping, cold air entering or where insulation is weak. Once identified, problems can be addressed specifically. Our non-destructive infrared testing produces a thermal image showing exactly where your home is losing thermal energy and costing you money. 

90% of your energy loss may be from your walls, ceilings or windows! The boundary between the conditioned, indoor spaces and the unconditioned, outdoor spaces is referred to as the "building envelope" and consists of the walls, floor, and ceiling or roof. An airtight building envelope contributes directly to the energy efficiency and comfort of a home. There are hundreds of penetrations through a typical home's building envelope. These include gaps in framing members and penetrations for wiring, plumbing, and ducts. Sealing the house's envelope, combined with proper ventilation, can reduce energy bills and eliminate unwanted drafts and pollutants. Reduced air infiltration combined with proper ventilation not only reduces energy bills but also improves the quality of your indoor air. Outdoor air that leaks indoors makes it difficult to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. In addition, air leakage accounts for 25 - 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home. Thus, a tightly sealed house envelope results in lower utility bills. 

A proper inspection conducted by our trained personnel with the appropriate equipment can reveal damaged/missing insulation, improper caulking, improper framing and inefficient windows and doors. Thermal Energy Audits puts you back in control of your "building envelope" and will show you where you need to make 'money saving"repairs/upgrades.