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Benefits of soya spray foam insulation

  • Improves air quality

Spray foam insulation stops air, gas and moisture infiltration. According to recent studies, more than 45% of total energy loss in buildings happens due to air infiltration. Spray foam forms to the walls and floors to create a tight seal and insulating barrier that stops air leakage.

  • Reduces mold
  • Provides remarkable reduction of dust accumulation
  • Saves you money and pays for itself, making you bills lower

Insulation of houses reduces energy bills up to 50%.

When homes are well insulated, it takes less energy to heat and cool them than if they were poorly insulated.

Insulation in walls and attic keeps the living space conditioned and allows your Heating and/or Air Conditioning source to run more efficiently, thus reducing your energy consumption.

  • Adds strength to the building structure and enhances overall building stability
  • Has highest insulation R-Value of 5.8-6.0 per inch

Spray foam boasts the higher R-value per inch than any other industrial material, (upwards of R-6.0, compared to Fiberglass at R-3.5)

  • Maintains excellent thermal properties serving for energy conservation
  • Ensures comfortable living conditions in your home

If your home is cold in winter and hot in summer, if your temperature upstairs 5-10 degrees differs from temperature downstairs, or some rooms are very cold and some very hot, or you see mold on walls you need insulation which will make your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat in the winter, and cool in the summer.

  • Increases resale value

Installing proper insulation makes home more attractive to potential buyers as it belongs to energy efficient houses.

  • Saves electricity
  • Makes great  soundproofing and serves for noise reduction

Up to 80% noise reduction will make your home acoustically tighter and more private from room to room.

  • Has fire protection properties
  • Seals away rodents, insects, and pests
  • Stays firmly in place
  • Makes your home healthier and safe for your family
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Lasts for the life of your home
  • Does not contain urea or ozone depleting agents
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Uses eco-friendly insulating materials and green building products