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If you are planning to start a spray foam insulation project, you should think of the most suitable option. Spray foam insulation can be done in two different ways: open cell foam insulation and closed cell foam insulation. As a reputable spray insulation contractor in GTA area, SprayFoamGreenLand Inc. specializes in providing both open cell insulation and closed cell insulation services with the highest quality results possible.

Both open cell foam insulation and closed cell foam insulation are suitable for residential and commercial buildings. However, there is a considerable difference between them, in terms of price, functionality and insulation methods. First of all, the nature of open cell spray foam is slightly different from that of closed cell spray foam. The cells of the open-cell foam are not fully closed. They are filled with air inside. That’s why open cell foam is much softer than closed cell foam.

Unlike open cell foam, the cells of closed cell foam are closed and situated tightly one by one. There is a gas inside them enabling foam to rise and provide better insulation. Such features make closed cell foam a high density foam. The higher density level, the stronger and heavier foam is. Based on the mentioned features, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that there are a number of advantages of closed cell foam insulation over open cell foam insulation. Closed cell foam is more resistant to air and moisture penetration. However closed cell foam insulation requires more material thus being a bit more expensive spray foam insulation solution.

Both open cell foam and closed cell foam are often used in spray foam insulation process. However, either of them can be inappropriate in certain conditions. Let’s say, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use open cell foam for insulating applications which can easily absorb water. Closed cell foam insulation would be an ideal option for roofing applications, for example.

SprayFoamGreenLand Inc. is experienced in both open cell foam insulation and closed cell foam insulation services. Armed with years of experience in the industry, the team of trained and certified experts will handle a task of any complexity meeting all your requirements. We apply only the latest spray foam insulation techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality result possible. Please do not hesitate to contact your spray foam contractor in Canada to discuss the best foam type for your insulation project.